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Babylove Network offers Baby Care Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Pregnancy Blogs, as well as Pregnant Magazine and Babylove Magazine

Our Vision

Successful, stress-free parenting enabled by experience sharing through Baby Care Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Pregnancy Blogs, Pregnant Magazine and Babylove Magazine

Our Mission

To facilitate increased parental satisfaction and happiness through a platform where mums and dads Connect > Discover > Learn > Share real life experiences that provide learning.

Our Values

We value our members deeply, which is why we adhere to a set of values. Hence our three core values (our “CSI“) which we aspire to achieve at all times, while maintaining utmost objectivity:

  1. Commitment – to our members, our vision and mission.
  2. Sensitivity – to our member’s needs and feelings; a deep sense of care.
  3. Integrity – to the highest standards possible; through quality information and objectivity.
BLN Team

The BLN team comprises energetic and mature professionals who understand that parents are the most precious thing that happened to babies. Furthermore, babies are the ultimate gift and responsibility that God has placed in the able hands of parents. In addition, we believe that a child’s parental experience is the single most influential attribute in the evolution of that child into a grown up person. Therefore our team focuses on Baby Care Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Pregnancy Blogs and our two magazines – Pregnant Magazine and Babylove Magazine.

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Most noteworthy and especially relevant to members, BLN works with professionals in medicine and other relevant fields in creating its content. Moreover, it also has brand ambassadors and independent authors. Therefore if you are interested in authoring for BLN, TALK TO US…
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