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5 tips to give yourself a wardrobe makeover

Do you ever get that feeling that you are due for a wardrobe makeover — but just never get to making it real?

1. Dress for your current body

• If you are in-between sizes or your body is still rapidly changing, then opt for warp-around dresses and skirts, they will wrap-around your budget until your body stabilizes and you are ready to invest a significant amount in your appearance. Wraps are a girl’s best friend.

• This is difficult if you have recently undergone a big change in your body e.g. you just had a baby, you have lost some weight or gained some weight and are yet to accept it, lol! I know the feeling. Trust me, it looks far better to be in clothes that fit well on a slightly bigger body than you’d like, than to wear clothes that make you look like you’re a sausage that’s about to burst.

2. Understand your body type

• Whatever your shape is, once you know it, you can figure out your wardrobe makeover — what makes you look your best. You don’t have to look like a model, you just have to look and feel your best. Sometimes, that’s just enough to get ahead in life, and feel good doing it. Remember, beautiful starts on the inside.

• If you are pear shaped, then A-line shapes work best for you, as they don’t cling uncomfortably to your curves. Examine your body with blunt honesty and determine what body type you have, or get a straight-forward friend to help you figure it out if you’re not sure.

3. Perform a wardrobe audit

• Periodically, check what you find that you need frequently, and note it down on your phone exactly when it comes to mind. This means the item you wish (most mornings) you had, that would complete your outfit. So that the next time you go shopping, wham, you bring out that list on your phone, and buy exactly what you need.

• Then say goodbye to wandering aimlessly in the store or at the clothes market or wherever you buy your outfits, whenever you find yourself with some time on your hands, and vaguely looking around, hopelessly trying to remember what it is you actually need. Preparation is always key.

4. Find your best colours

• These are the colours that bring you out. There are several color specialists in Nairobi who can help you nail your best color spectrum. So that you look lovely and warm every time. The vendors at the clothes markets also provide good sounding boards.

• Please also read up and see what colours suit your skin tone. And what makes you happy, and look surprised and oh-so-sweet whenever you are asked how come you always look so radiant!

5. Have fun with your fashion

• Dressing up should be fun. It should be something you look forward, to, ideally should take less than 5 minutes to go through the selection process, and you should really never, ever, have nothing to wear?

• Your clothes should make you feel confident and comfortable. And add a touch of individual style and personality to your appearance, so you are ready to meet the world.

You are as good as you feel!

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