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Father-teenage daughter activities 10 high value father-daughter bonding ideas

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In some cultures, this is informed by inheritance traditions that lock out women. Fathers in those kind of cultures may feel the asset discussion is irrelevant to a daughter as she will sooner or later be married and gone! Provide your daughter a forum to contribute on any subject at home.

By doing this you empower her and prepare her to face any situation – married or not.

8) Teach her about money and investments.

At her age, she needs to start taking care of the pennies; to save every coin and put the money into an interest bearing bank account. Give her some pocket money, increasing the amounts gradually, and observe plus guide her in how she treats the cash. Talk to her about risks and insurance; let her understand how it all works. If you have some outpatient medical cover, make sure she understands what happens to the bills when you next take a family member to the clinic.

Allow her to spend some cash too! Occasionally join her as she spends, and allow her to buy you something. Join her to the bank as she takes her savings or goes to make a withdrawal — due to her age you will likely be the signatory to her account.

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9) Talk to her about the world.

Discuss places, cities, countries, cultures… Open her horizons by showing her these places on maps and online videos. Take to her about trending news; let her know the world is happening. Ask her about her interests in travel, shopping, sports, politics, music, dance, flicks, etc. If you can afford it, work with her mum to give your daughter a surprise trip to some place she would love to go — locally or overseas. Once you learn her preferences, you may find there are many inexpensive local destinations that would thrill her while helping her grow up.

10) Set the example of a gentleman

Yes, that’s the ultimate lesson. Treat her mother like a queen and your daughter like the princess you say she is. Keep your promises. Observe time schedules. Be gentle when dealing with her and a man when dealing with issues. Preach water and drink it.

Good luck!


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