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Major sexual changes during pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

Some don’t want intimacy

Engaging in sex during pregnancy is something many couples have questions about since the woman’s body undergoes many sexual changes during pregnancy. While the changes may influence the woman’s physical desires, intercourse during pregnancy is generally safe until the ninth month, as long as both partners are physically and psychologically comfortable. Where there are worries or concerns, professional advice should be sought.

Some pregnant women do not want intimacy at all throughout pregnancy, which is also perfectly normal. The same may apply to a man who feel it is “inappropriate” to approach his pregnant partner in an intimate way. Communication, knowledge and understanding are elements therefore key to a comfortable lovemaking plan through the trimesters.

Below are some of the emotional and physical changes affecting a woman’s libido in pregnancy.

Major sexual changes during pregnancy

First trimester
Emotional changes

The woman and her partner may experience increased sexual desire now that they do not have to worry about family-planning. There may be conflicting sexual feelings, especially for first time mums-to-be, due to the image transformation to a motherly one. Some women get preoccupied with sexual thoughts, dreams and even sex fantasies.

Physical changes

The woman’s breasts start becoming sensitive, causing increased pleasure or pain. Nausea and fatigue may decrease libido. Threatened miscarriage may limit the amount of sexual intercourse due to bleeding. Orgasms can cause a feeling of tension in the vagina and the clitoris.

Second trimester
Emotional changes

Many women feel sexy with their new figure especially if they were feeling sickly during the first trimester. Dads-to-be feel fearful of hurting the baby. Dads-to-be may also start becoming conscious of partner’s growing tummy, hence a feeling of awkwardness. Some dads-to-be get subconsciously jealous because their partner seems too emotionally attached to the baby.

Physical changes

The vagina is more lubricated; the clitoris and the vagina are more engorged, making many women more orgasmic.

Third trimester
Emotional changes

The mother is concerned that her large tummy is repulsive to her partner or that her figure may never return to ‘normal.’ Most men are aroused by their wives’ blossoming figure. Mum-to-be is more fatigued; she thus finds making time for sex a difficult task. Fear of birth may start to manifest. More communication between the couple, and between them and their care giver, is necessary.

Physical changes

The uterus occasionally gets Braxton’s hicks contractions (false labour that may occur during the second and third trimester). Contractions can happen if the woman has sex for more than half an hour. There may be pain due to the engaged head of the baby. In such instances shallow penetration is advised. Spotting may occur after sexual intercourse, which is quite normal. Cervix is not ripe, so no need to worry about preterm labour.

Apply creativity

Sex during pregnancy can be enjoyable if both partners work together and communicate. It is about being creative, especially in terms of positioning. During the different trimesters, vary your positions appropriately, each time seeking to find one that suits you both. However, it is advisable that the woman does not lie on her back.

This is a special time of life. There are very few things a pregnant woman can not do sexually, therefore do enjoy fully. Have a sexy pregnancy.


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