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My 3rd Time Blessing – King Baraka


I kept praying and asking God for a baby boy, another one because I already had my 1st born son .I enjoy motherhood and I am a strong believer that there’s nothing as AWESOME as being a mother on this earth, it’s a blessing to become one.

I kept the faith and I knew that God in His own time will grant my request at His own best time. True to His word, I conceived!!!! I have a son and a daughter. “I want a baby brother”, my daughter echoed. She was very specific, she wanted a brother. Personally either gender would have been the same, but a boy would have been less of a fight and explanations. I wanted to name my dad, in accordance to our culture.

To my surprise, this pregnancy was very different from the rest. I was very lazy, extremely lazy, {I am blushing}, and it was not even funny. I slept for many hours most probably 20 or more in a day. Yes it was that serious! I also was limping, my baby “sat” on my nerves which made my leg hurt. I hated meat, so this was exactly like my 1st born son, but LOVED waru’s {potatoes} boiled, fried, roasted whichever way they came ,I ate them religiously. I paid dearly with severe heartburn which was always the case with all my previous pregnancies. I am grateful to God, I get easy pregnancies and I enjoy every bit of it.

I bought clothes for both genders, but judging from the past I realized my waru cravings meant it was a boy. I was hesitant to take an ultra sound, but I decided to face it head on and confirm! My 1st scan, my baby was too small. The second one his legs were up and so it was very easy to spot, the man he really is… my HERO. I was elated, dropped a few tears, and said a prayer thanking God for my King!

Fast forward to my EDD, with my other 2 babies, I was induced so I knew for sure this wouldn’t be an exception. I went to my OBGYN, who told me my baby was bigger than the weeks they had for my EDD. Here in the States, you do more than 2 scans depending on how you and your baby are fairing. They did another ultra sound and said I was already over 40 weeks! My EDD was on Jan 28th. He checked me and I had dilated 2.5 centimeters. He advised that we take the baby out on 3rd of February if I didn’t have the baby before then. My days were long and they dragged. What kept me going was “One born Every Minute”, a UK labor and delivery, TV show.

On Jan 31st, while sleeping as I used to, I noticed some needle-like stomach pain. I used the bathroom and went back to bed. Hours passed, the pain would come and go. I had no clue about this feeling was. I knew it would not be labor because of my previous induced labors. I knew he would wait till 3rd, until I was induced!!!!I was very mistaken! I WAS IN LABOR!!!My friend called me after I told her how I felt the whole day!!!!I drove myself to her place while having to stop every time I had the contractions. I thank God because, the ambulances here in the United States show up almost immediately in case you’re alone and need speedy attention.

We timed my contractions which were 5mins apart and lasted for a min .I soaked in the tub with the help of my friend for 45mins.We went to the hospital and I was already at 6centimetres dilation when I was admitted!!I asked the doctor for an epidural to stop the severe pains. He gave me the 1st shot, which numbed my right leg, but never kicked on my left one. I could still feel the pain .I told him I needed a pain-free birth which he obliged. He gave me a second shot which kicked in fast and gave me relief. By then, I was fully dilated after less than 2hours in the hospital .At 1.42am I gave birth to MY BEAUTIFUL HERO, MY KING BARAKA MUIGAI JNR. GLORY TO GOD!!

I kiss him so many times; he gives me a look as if to say “Like really Mama, all those kisses to little ME?!”

We were both fine and he’s brought so much joy and rejuvenated my life again….Apart from nursing my sore, cracked nipples, swollen feet due to the epidural, which is the little price we got to pay for motherhood, I am a proud Mama of 3 amazing babies!. My son and daughter love their little brother. My parents and the entire family are truly blessed to have King Baraka.

I am enjoying my new bundle of joy and I am humbled by the love of God for trusting me for the 3rd time with a baby.

by Nungari wa Muchai

Nungari is a journalist, and an esthetician‎ by profession and can be found on http://youtu.be/wDGFNDSS_YA

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