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Step-by-step guide to fix unhealthy father daughter relationship Psychology: father daughter relationships; re-establish independence of mind

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Arm yourself with a prayer. Nothing can deliver spiritual and mental rejuvenation and freedom like a connection with the Almighty. Nothing fashioned against you will succeed if you believe and pray about your redemption.

Step 10:  Take action!

Time for war! Yes! Start taking the decisive steps to bring down the unhealthy father daughter relationship; knock down the shadows. Are you ugly because he said so? Prove the shadows wrong; get a makeover. Get into a splendid hairstyle and admire yourself on the mirror. Have you been drinking too much? Discard the lot in a dustbin – even unopened cans and bottles. Drain that wine in a kitchen sink and say to it, “be gone, shadow!” Do you feel bitter about your dad? Forgive him! Do you hate him? Feel him — see his past, his point of view, his vulnerability; he is human. Smile about his strengths and cast to the wind his weaknesses. Accept him! Act!

Above all, pray. For yourself and for your dad.

Step 11:  Gain control

As you fight the war, take control of your circumstances and make new decisions. Revise old decisions that you made under the influence of “shadows”. You are your own person; you have your own brain, your own body, your own spirit – exercise your individuality.

My Mum – The Game Changer | Pepe Minambo

Step out; the way you want, not the way you were influenced.

Step 12:  Define your independent destiny

Now go on, love yourself and believe in your unique destiny. Trust youself. Associate with those who bring joy and positivity in your life. Avoid the nay sayers, in fact, cut them off! Be bold to face disappointments and betrayals, because they will be there. Open up to different opinions, because they will come. Be confident that you can attract good people and good things, because they exists.

We hope this step-by-step guide has contributed well to your search for an effective way to fix the negative influences of an unhealthy father daughter relationship. We close with one of the most assertive of dad and daughter quotes, “The only thing that goes on in your life…is what you allow to go on in your life…!”

Live life. Pray. Be happy!


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