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Terry-anne Chebet’s single parenting experiences

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Terry-anne Chebet is a media (TV) personality and a single mum. In this bare-knuckled series of discussions at B.Radio, she reveals what it means to be a single parent, candidly stating that single parenting is tough. She talks about irresponsibility of children in today’s age, and the importance of books in child upbringing.
“I don’t know anything else, I just know single parenting,” she declares. Society brings about “a lot of emotional pain,” to single parents, she explains. “We might ignore it, we might think it’s not a big deal…”  Terry-anne adds, “If I was married, it would probably be a better place to raise a child.”
Living “alone” is difficult, and Terry-anne does not mince word here. To find a man is important. “When you go home and it’s dark and you are about to sleep…the most truthful thoughts are those you think of before you go to sleep.” Read her full story at Babylove Network Blogspot, “I want to get married.”


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b.radio_babylovenetwork_terry-anne chebet_single parenting_SS_298714343
Terry-anne Chebet declares, “I want to get married…” Single parenting is tough; a child is best raised by both parents.
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