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Yes!! It’s about time I started shedding some post pregnancy calories!! Now that my baby is just a few days shy of 6 months, my ‘I-just-gave-birth’ excuse for weight is nearing the end of its lifespan; and if I don’t begin to do something soon, I’ll sink into a comfort zone which is 10 times harder to emerge from. (I know this from past experience)

Having gone down this road before, I’d just like to tell any mummy wondering if at all the post pregnancy weight will ever go anywhere, that yes, it is possible to get your pre-pregnancy shape back….here’s a few pointers that worked for me the last time, that I’d like to share with you as we go through this journey together:


    What you think determines what you become, right? It is really important to have the right frame of mind. I am telling myself “I’m gonna do this!”, and drawing my determination from things I have accomplished before. You can get into this positive thinking based on your own past achievements and determination; be it meeting a deadline, completing a course, setting up a business…anything you’ve done that will let you know that you have what it takes to achieve something that you set your mind on doing.


    It really helps when you have someone to do this with. My girlfriends and I have purposed to kick some calories off this year, so we are constantly checking on each other, giving each other encouragement along the way. I think it makes life a lot more bearable, especially when you have those moments when you feel like giving up….and those moments do come!


    Go easy on yourself, especially in the first couple of months of baby’s life, because you need to first adjust to caring for your little bundle of joy. In addition, drastic weight loss can and will affect your milk supply, which you don’t want. At this point, it’s enough to just be conscious about what you’re eating, and maybe do some light exercising such as walking.


    I, like many other mummies, wish I had that snap-back-into-shape body, but as nature would have it, I don’t  My target is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in the next 4 months max, when baby will be about ten months old. I think that’s realistic for me, given my lifestyle and working hours…It’s important you have a good self-to-self chat, be honest with how much you can do, then determine a timeline to achieve your results.


    Breastfeeding not only demands an increase in metabolism, but also helps a great deal in contracting your tummy muscles. It’s a win-win situation! I am wonderfully bonding with my baby, and will continue to do so as I burn those excessive calories!


    In actual sense, water should be any lactating mummy’s best friend. Now when you do start to work out, you’re gonna need a whole lot more that you did before. I’m personally drinking 3-4 litres of fluids a day. Sounds like a lot? Not really, if you’re sweating it out, and producing milk at the same time. Not to mention this heat is totally unforgiving! What I’ve found helpful is buying a one litre water bottle and setting daily targets from the moment I wake up. I carry it with me everywhere, around the house, in my car, for meetings, and keep it by my night stand at night.


    This is rather straight forward. Cakes, chocolates and all those wonderful sweets that we love have really got to go down to a minimum. I personally have a sweet tooth, so you can imagine how hard this is for me! So to make life a bit easier for myself, I have a “cheat day” On this day, I allow myself to indulge in kidogo chocolate or a ka slice of cake…just to give me something to look forward to…

  8. WORK IT OUT! (when the time is right)

    There’s really no two ways about it, I think….you’ve really got to work out. Personally, I have the discipline to work out at home, (dust off my shoulder  ) so my DVD supplier has promptly availed to me suitable cardio and strength training DVDs. However, just a note to anyone considering workout …find a work-out regimen that you can actually achieve, and one that suits your lifestyle. If this is your first time working out, I highly recommend joining a gym, so as to get some good motivation. We need all the motivation we can get!

Anybody got more tips to add? Feel free to do so. Haiya, so!!! Here we go!! Who’s coming with me?

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