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A warm welcome to the Babylove Network Help Function. 

We appreciate you as a visitor or member of the Babylove Network and want to do everything possible to make your navigation of the site as seamless and stress-free as possible.
You can access help in two ways:

1. By sending us an email. CLICK HERE TO TALK TO US… We will do our best to respond to your emails within 24 hours on working days (Monday to Friday) between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EAT), and by the following Monday if you send your emails on Saturday or Sunday.

2. By reading the following topics elaborated in this documentation:

A. What is Babylove Network?
B. Getting Started on Babylove Network
C. What content can I find on BLN?
D. How to Register
E. Subscriptions – What are they and how do they work?
F. How do I view my account?
G. What are BLN Content Categories?

A.  What is Babylove Network?

Babylove Network is a platform for parents, organisations and brands that care for children and have family at heart. It brings together parents by providing a resourceful pool of information and learning tools with a view to enhancing their parenting experience. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT BABYLOVE NETWORK

B.  Getting Started on Babylove Network

Understanding what content is on Babylove Network and what you can access is an important step in getting the most out of the platform. There are content access routes on Babylove Network.

  1. One is PUBLIC CONTENT, which can be accessed by anyone, whether registered or not.
    All content at BLN allows initial public access for a limited number of blogs and articles. After the user exhausts the public content, you will be prompted to register or subscribe.
  2. Two is RESTRICTED OR MEMBER ONLY CONTENT, which can be viewed only by Members / Subcribers of BLN.
    All content on BLN is eventually member only content. After free access you will be required to register to continue enjoying the content. Registration to access blogs, podcasts and videos is generally FREE of charge.
  3. Three is SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT, which can be viewed only by BLN Members who have purchased Subscriptions for the specified content.
    All magazines on the babylove Network are Subscription content. You may be allowed to view a few articles initially, then prompted to join as a Subscriber.

C.  What content can I find on BLN?

The Babylove Network platform contains SIX types of content: (1) BLOGS; (2) MAGAZINES; (3) VIDEOS; (4) PODCASTS; (5) SHOPPING; (6) OTHER LINKS

  • (1)  Blogs. These are either personal real life stories narrated by mums and dads, or professional features by practitioners in the medical, social, financial and other fields relevant to family well being. Here you will find discussions on topical and social issues, as well as interesting real life stories on challenges and triumphs, by current and prospective mums and dads. Some bloggers are regular while others submit a piece as and when inspired. If you would like to be a BLN Blogger or you have a story to submit, CLICK HERE.
  • (2)  Magazines.  Babylove Network hosts two magazines – PREGNANT MAGAZINE and BABYLOVE MAGAZINE. Launched initially as print editions in 2005, these magazines gained a reputation for quality and reliability. You can access the magazine library initially by taking the FREE Library Subscription which enables you to get familiar with the content and structure of the magazines. You may thereafter upgrade your Subscription to gain FULL LIBRARY ACCESS. Pregnant Magazine covers conception, pregnancy, baby delivery, post-delivery recovery and early infant care. Babylove Magazine takes over from there and covers health, nutrition, safety, parenting and other key baby care considerations, from age 0 to 10 years. If you would like to contribute an article for future magazine editions, CLICK HERE. To proceed to Pregnant Magazine, CLICK HERE. To access Babylove Magazine, CLICK HERE. To gain your first free Subscription to the Magazine Library, CLICK THE LINKS BELOW.

Babylove Magazine

First Free Subscription Notice

Pregnant Magazine

First Free Subscription Notice

  • (3)  Videos – B.Tv! Babylove Network has a channel on YouTube known where you will be treated to a variety of videos to enhance your experience as a parent – ranging from medical interviews to personal mum and daddy stories. View the channel HERE
  • (4)  Podcasts – B.Radio Babylove Network has podcast channels on Blubrry and SoundCloud where B.Radio broadcasts both baby related news pieces and special features covering mums and dads and interviews with professionals such as doctors. You will love listening to real life stories as well as baby and family health features at B.Radio. Try it out! ON SOUNDCLOUD or ON BLUBRRY
  • (5)  Shopping. The Babylove Network shopping experience involves three kinds of shopping: (1) Finding products sold on the international market; (2) Finding products sold by Babylove Network; and (3) Finding Maternity Options and Packages.The overall Babylove Network shopping platform, known as TOIDUKA, is explained in more detail HERE.
    1. International Products – these are found at TOIDUKA GLOBAL, the Babylove Network international marketplace.
    2. Products sold by Babylove Network – these are found at TOIDUKA MARKET
    3. Maternity Options and Packages –  these are found at MATERNITY OPTIONS
    Maternity Options and Packages – brings into one place information on services, facilities and costs of baby delivery from various hospitals (at the moment only in Kenya). It saves expecting parents the hussle of going from one hospital to another in search of information on maternity packages and maternity caregiver options.
  • (6)  Other Links. Babylove Network has for several years collaborated with the Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK). Visit the website KENYA MIDWIVES

    Babylove Network has created a socio-professional platform where midwives can share their experiences, learn from one another as well as educate pregnant mums on common errors during pregnancy. Read MIDWIVES DIARIES to experience the life and times of midwives in the labour room and maternity wards.

D.  How to Register / become a BLN Member

Go to Babylove Network Home Page.

On the main navigation menu you will find the menu item “JOIN”

E.  Subscriptions – What are they and how do they work?

Being a member of the Babylove Network gives you access to all FREE Member Content. It also qualifies you to Subscribe for PAID Member Content. All content on Babylove Network except Pregnant Magazine and Babylove Magazine is FREE Member Content.

To Subscribe to Pregnant Magazine or Babylove Magazine, select the magazine menu from the Main Navigation Menu at Babylove Network Home Page and follow the Subscription instructions. There are two Subscription Levels:

  1. FREE Subscription
  2. ONE YEAR Subscription – (Lowly priced, best value)

F.  How do I view my account?

Note that you must be a registered Babylove Network Member to access Member Account.

How to view My Account page:

> Go to BLN Home Page
> Point at your Profile Icon found at the TOP RIGHT of your screen
> Observe the drop down sub-menu.
> Proceed to manage various aspects of your account.
> Here you can update your personal details, password, profile picture, connections, etc.

G.  What are the BLN Content Categories and how can I access them?

See the side bar on the right hand side of this page (see bottom menus if you are using a mobile phone) to familiarise yourself with Babylove Network Content Categories. Click any of the categories to view the full content under that category.