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Homeschooling – A Kenyan Success Story

Homeschooling – A Kenyan Success Story It’s amazing that anytime someone hears that we are home schooling, their first response is that they can never try it because they are very indisciplined and not patient. My response is usually… I am the most impatient person I have ever met and...
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The Dream Killers

The Dream Killers “Teacher Carol!!! Can I please sing for you a song and you tell me if I have talent or not? Please please please… Teacher Carol!!!” This was Matilda, a standard seven pupil at St. George’s primary school. We had just finished our third session of the Leadership...
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Mystery detectives: The Causes of Autism

Mystery detectives: The Causes of Autism What are the causes of Autism? This is perhaps the most common question Autism parents ask themselves, each other, or get asked by others. I once caught myself back raised, mouth foaming, nails scratching deep marks into wood when a therapist posted an article...
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When the student becomes a teacher

When the student becomes a teacher — My baby Tumiso has a love for wildlife. She’s the kind of child who gravitates so naturally to the National Geographic channel, and tells you all sorts of weird wildlife facts. She’s also the kind of child who would much rather you buy...
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Child cerebral palsy inspired Susan’s Carevine Daycare

Child cerebral palsy inspired Susan’s Carevine Daycare Susan’s journey of hope – she emerged from utter stress and misplaced hopes to find her calling and live victoriously as a parent facing child cerebral palsy. My name is Susan Njeri. I am many things but most importantly I am a woman, a mother...
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What do teenagers want?

What do teenagers want? “Lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents.” James A. Brewer What do teenagers want? I have the privilege to interact with young people and to understand what motivates and drives them, because I teach the teenage class on Sundays...
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Tumiso Turns 10 – and it’s a Safari Party!!!

Tumiso Turns 10 – and it’s a Safari Party!!! The Mathenge August Babies get into party mood – but their mom, Wahu Kagwi, has a win-win strategy up her sleeve… Read also: (2014) edition of The Mathenge August Babies… Also remembering my very first pregnancy in: Memories of My First Time...
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