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Where will I deliver my baby and at what cost? This is a common question for pregnant mums and their partners. Babylove Network has prepared for you a directory of current maternity packages with all the details you need such as place, cost and facilities. Choose the right maternity package here “Maternity Options and Packages” Note you need to register to access the free-to-view packages. Good luck!

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Parenting Blogs, Pregnancy, Baby Care Magazines

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You will find it easy to navigate some of the best Parenting Blogs, Pregnancy, Baby Care Magazines in our huge library. Besides the blogs there are two magazines for you – Babylove Magazine (baby care till age 10 years) and Pregnant Magazine (for all matters pregnant). 

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Parenting in the USA is hard…. Simply hard…. That’s the only way I can put it. Especially for single parents. My daughter Nessy is three and it has been three really hard years of running back and forth from day care to baby sitters to friends who can help out and to my wits end many times. It has been a fantastic three years and motherhood is an experience I thank God for day and night and cannot even begin to describe the blessing. I must however admit that the challenges have been quite something!

You see, her dad and I had it all planned out. We were both in the USA at the time and we were to work our schedules around to accommodate our bundle of joy when she came. However, after a visit back to Kenya on holiday three months before she was born, there was some hitch in his paperwork and he unfortunately remained behind. So here I was alone and all our grand plans to support each other in having and raising our daughter aborted.

When I compare the maternity situation here and back home, I must say that home is best and that mamas in Kenya should consider themselves thoroughly blessed. Let’s start by noting with utmost concern that the 3 months paid maternity leave is nonexistent over here. That you march off, have your baby, stay at home for three months, breast feeding happily and bonding with your bundle of joy all on your employer’s payroll? Nada nada nada………….. no such thing over here. Here as is commonly said – you just ‘ji-sort’. I opted to take unpaid time off because the baby was sooooo little and I couldn’t bear to leave her. I was also in the hectic search of an affordable Nanny who could come and look after her. Being in the nursing profession, I had visted various day care centers and didn’t like the clinical way in which babies were mass handled. Being raised back home, I’m rooted in the notion that…[READ FULL BLOG HERE]

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